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• Classification of goods by tariff, permanent advice and information of changes in the custom’s rules and its tariff treatment.

• Global estimation of imports costs.

• Control and receipt of any kind of documentation coming from abroad.

• Contracting of international freights.

• Documentation withdrawal from the various Shipping Companies.

• Report of the condition of freight arrival to the warehouse.

• Arrangements before several official bodies: Commerce Industry and SEMs Secretary (Secretaría de Industria, Comercio y Pyme), Mining and Energy Secretary (Secretaría de Energia y Minería); International Affairs Secretary (Relaciones exteriores), INAL, INAME, ANMAT, INTI, IRAM, National Office of Fauna (Direccion Nacional de Fauna), SENASA, IGM.

• Unconsolidation of freights.

• Request of goods custody.

• Tariff and tax advice.

• Arrangement of IVC (Imports Validation Certificate).

• Land shipping to duty-free areas and stocks holding.

• Copies of deposit.

• Temporary imports with the corresponding keeping of balances and expirations.

• Request of Guarantee Policies as applicable in each case.

• Withdrawal of postal parcels.

• Shipping of documentation with the corresponding receipt.

• International relocations.

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